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Creating and managing large scale, public events has figured strongly in kunwar resorts. Just prior to setting up the company, as Event Manager, was instrumental in the huge success of the resort which attracted many visitors.

Communications around your event are a crucial ingredient for its success. We can fulfill this task for you. Through trusted partnerships with first class publicity and marketing specialists, we can:

  • 1. Produce a detailed marketing strategy.
  • 2. Plan and coordinate public relations activities (writing and issuing press releases, arranging press launches and photo calls).
  • 3. Create inspired and effective promotional campaigns.
  • 4. Design and produce publicity material and event branding.
  • 5. Develop sponsorship packages.
  • 6. Monitor and evaluate marketing activity.

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Conveniently located on Badaun Road means easy access by public transport, rickshaws or ride hailing apps. There is plenty of parking just outside the hall, and valet parking is available if required.

Kunwar Resort has full generator back up so in the event main power supply fails, your function is not disrupted.
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